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"MAGNIT plus" LLC (Russia, St. Petersburg)

"MAGNIT plus" LLC (Russia, St. Petersburg) - equipment for welding and relieving residual stresses in metal structures.

Dear Colleagues!

"MAGNIT plus" LLC (Russia, St. Petersburg) sends you its respects.

"MAGNIT plus" LLC has been a Russian developer, manufacturer and supplier of metal fabrication equipment and metal working tools since 1998.

Our main products are permanent magnet equipment and welding auxiliary equipment as follows: demagnetizing devices (eliminating the "arc breakdown" effect during welding), non mechanical stress relieving equipment in metal structures.

Equipment for relieving mechanical and welding stresses as follows:

    Magnetic anisotropic scanner-flaw detector for diagnosing and measuring welded joint/base metal stress, determining residual stresses in metal; it analyzes zones containing technological and structural stress concentrators, as well as evaluating the levels of these stresses and determining residual life of base metal.


  • The "Shmel" technological complex used for strengthening treatment of welded joints in metal structures using ultrasonic impact deformation (ultrasonic treatment), ensuring effective removal of residual welding stress.


  • The "VTU" technological complex used for reducing residual welding stresses, stabilization of geometric dimensions of weld and cast structures by low-frequency vibration treatment of welded metal structures.
  • ВТУ

Laser interferometer is used for determining the magnitude, sign and direction of the main axes of stresses and recording measurements of residual stresses by recording small displacement fields in the area in question.


Our most demanded products are:

  • Magnetic consoles are a magnetic sealing device to quickly eliminate pipeline/tank leaks.

Магнитная консоль

  • Welding magnetic contacts are a handy replacement for ground/crab clamps.

Магнитный контакт

  • Magnetic equipment for fastening of control and measuring devices, such as magnetic bases, tripods, stands, holders.
  • Electric edge cutters (chamfering) for treatment of pipe edges, metal sheets and workpieces before welding and painting.

Электрический кромкорез

  • Magnets for magnetic field compensation in a welding zone with magnetic field adjustment (MKR) and without magnetic field adjustment (MKP). We also offer demagnetizing devices, such as tunnel/manual/desktop/mobile demagnetizing devices, for situations when it is irrational to use magnets. Optionally, we manufacture fine-adjust equipment intended for eliminating remanent magnetism.

Компенсационные магниты

  • Mounting magnets are magnetic angles, clamps, holders used in assembling metal structures for further welding.


  • Lifting magnets used for moving metal sheets, flat or cylindrical parts.

Магнитные грузозахваты

The company's engineers develop customized equipment.

We deliver to all regions of Russia and the neighboring countries.

We are open for cooperation and sharing of our experience and knowledge in your search for solutions that your production facility needs.

We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation.